There is something about Paris that just can't be explained. I've known it since 2005, when I was in architecture school. We had an assignment to walk through Paris, while making eye contact with the city - east to west and south to north. Taking time to truly look into her eyes, allowed me to see her true beauty. Paris is that type of city - a city with her own eyes, heart beat and life.


And for me, as an artist, to be here and experience all of that is such a privilege. Around every corner is an artist's paradise. These days, I'm really drawn to the amazing graffiti around every corner. The street art here is like nothing I've ever seen before - so realistic. One minute I'm asking myself why that man is not moving and then if it is a Banksy! Really gets my creative juices flowing.


Above all, it reminds me that I really appreciate where I'm from, and I'm so grateful to have the chance to promote it with all of you living in the other side of the atlantic. See you next week!

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