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I am passionate. That is how I define myself. Passionate for fashion, for life, for D'clic. This passion means that I am totally awake - completely aware of what is going on around me and feeling totally alive. Being "home" in France has reawakened my passion for D'clic and being an entrepreneur because of all of the amazing feedback I've been hearing. 

People have been following the evolution of D'clic and me, and are genuinely interested in what I’ve been doing since leaving the country. It is invigorating to hear that people truly appreciate the quality of my work, how consistent the brand has remained, and the evolution of it over time. Even though they are watching from afar without constant contact with me, people here describe how impressed they are with the power, avant gardism and overall high quality they see in my creations.

This is especially gratifying for me because being an entrepreneur is hard! I definitely underestimated how challenging it would be, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It is important to be fearless, and just go for it. I hope I can inspire others who have the desire to create and be entrepreneurs. Often for us, it isn't a choice, but it is what we need to be fulfilled. It is who we are.

That is what I want D’clic to be, the representation of a dream that start right here in Rouen my hometown and become what it is here in California, where my heart is.


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