It is interesting how cultural traditions can evolve to creep their way into modern society, even becoming trendy, as if these traditions hadn't already been there since the beginning of time. A beautiful example of this is traditional African baby carrying - initially created to allow mothers to carry food and their babies and contribute to their communities. My siblings and I were carried this way by my mom and in addition to making it easy for her to complete her household work, it also gave me the security and closeness to take my naps and still be connected to maman. People were so impressed that she could fashion a simple piece of fabric around her chest to hold a growing baby!

Looking around trendy neighborhoods in SoCal or NYC, you'd think this concept of baby carrying was a brand new idea, created by chic mothers as a new fashion statement. I am continually amazed when something that was once considered savage and primitive by the white, western world, is then embraced. Perhaps this is understanding? Or acceptance? Or evolution?