I am so proud and inspired by the modern man wearing the traditional African wax print. Making an old version of anything modern and fresh again is a difficult accomplishment and these guys have so much class and style!

African wax prints have always been common materials for clothing in Africa. They are made of colorful cotton with batik printing, and are traditionally used as a way for African women to communicate their message to the world. As a French kid growing up in an African home, these prints always surrounded me. My mom wore these prints as loungewear around the house, wrapped me up in them, and even made beautiful tailed gowns from it.

Part of my mission for D'clic is to take something basic and make it evolve over time into a new and fresh idea. That is how I also live my life - never settling with an old way, always committed to learning and growing. This is precisely what has happened with the traditional wax print - men now wearing the fabric in a way that demonstrates such amazing control over the bright colors and repetitive prints. They have created a beautiful bridge between the traditional way our parents wore the fabric and the current adaptation to our modern world and lifestyle.