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I always make it a point to connect with people, not because of what they can do for me, but because we all long for connection and humanity. Over the years of meeting people, I've learned how genuine connection, and the resulting collaborations, breed even higher levels of artistic expression and creativity. 

When I met Nick and Damien, I was impressed by their tenacity. These two French guys who started from nothing created the cool space Beso by combining traditional French culture with the culture and spirit of the Castro. I truly admire their bravery and spirit in not shying away from that creative venture.

When these two approached me to create a unique design in their new restaurant, I was honored that they trusted my design and let me be me without censorship. I took a functional piece, the signature D'clic belt, and mounted it in a way that turned it into an artform. The visual effect is obvious when customers walk in the door, and the feedback from customers has been nothing but love. Visit Beso to see for yourself!