When you look at the life of someone like Ozwald Boateng, you cannot help but be impressed! I only learned of him a few years ago, and already he has inspired me as a designer, an entrepreneur, and as a black man. Boateng's parents immigrated from Ghana and he was born and raised in London. He is known for putting his own twist on classic British tailoring. He started out sewing linings into suits as a teenager, and he has since grown a fashion empire.

To achieve a presence of this magnitude in the world of fashion is quite a feat for anybody, but to be a black man and overcome the additional hurdles that comes with that, is astounding. His life and career is a testament to what we can achieve when we set out with a vision and are willing to fight for what we want. That type of talent, hard work, and determination has to be rewarded, and I am proud to be inspired by such a king!