One thing I loved about my learning process in Architecture School was the genesis of a concept. This is the key that leads to what we like to call the story telling.

Everything starts from somewhere and you build the story up until the tree carries the fruit. It started in 2001 with a simple move! … me, unclicking 2 separates parts of what keeps you safe on the airplane! Yes, I was literally stealing it for a good cause! (give or take) :)

In 2010, my friend Michel Richard suggested that I make the Airplane seatbelt a legitimate business. At the time, the airplane belt were just my personal swag!  It clicked in my mind instantly and it made me realize this should be my business story in America.

I seeded this brand from scratch, to the lil tree that it is today….

Logo/ box/ color/ sizes… it hasn’t been easy and it still is not. But looking back from everything I have achieved, it makes me proud and helps me keep the hope that my brand makes sense.

When you start an adventure like that, you need to have a set plan of where you are going. But in between your thoughts and the reality, there is a gap that only time and experience can bridge the cliffs on both sides.

By crawling, a child learns to stand.

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