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The cool thing about being a creator and an entrepreneur is watching the evolution of something born from an idea of the most unconventional starting place. Even as a child of eight years old, I was interested in fashion and how it influences the world around us. My mom and sister were my earliest fashion icons and they taught me so much about how to make a statement, and be a walking representative of our family as well as my best self, even without us having a lot of money to spend.


As an architecture student in my early 20s, I continued to care deeply about the statement I was making with my own fashion choices. I loved combining unconventional items and staying away from trends, preferring to make my own statement with my clothes. If everyone was wearing something, it was a sure fire way to make sure I hated it. Though I didn’t know it at the time, this mentality laid the foundation for the beginning of D’clic many years later.


When some school friends showed me they were wearing actual airplane seatbelts as belts, I was really intrigued. This was the precisely the type of fashion statement that spoke to me – something that was conventional in the sense that everyone knows what it is and where to find it, but unconventional in the sense that nobody would think to wear it. I was instantly hooked and become completely obsessed with finding new seatbelts in different colors to wear – constantly scouring all the seats on all of my flights and becoming an expert in unhooking the seatbelts quickly and easily (yes I stole them…sorry mom).


Fast forward to 2009, now in San Francisco and still wearing the seatbelt belts, and receiving a lot of reactions from people. I even attached one of the belts onto a bag I carried at the time, which turned out to be the very first enumeration of what we now know as the D’clic backpack. After an exhaustive search for a “real” belt to replace the seatbelts I was wearing, it became clear that there was nothing on point in the market. That’s when it “clicked” in my mind and D’clic was born!


Stay tuned to the blog next week when I will tell you about the development of the very  first D’clic belts and their evolution into the accessories you now know and love.