Looking back, it has become clear that my past experiences have prepared me for and led me to this moment – in business and in life. Right on the heels of the D’clic belt becoming a reality, I drew my first sketch of what would eventually become the D’clic backpack. My architecture training taught me that creating the initial model is only the beginning of the journey, and it is really the evolution of that model over and over again that brings you closer to the finished product.

The D’clic backpack turned out to the be the first evolution of the belt, brought to you by my creative mind’s desire to flip the function of the belt into a new accessory that would stay loyal to the brand’s origins while also moving the brand forward.

I initially found inspiration for the first backpack design in the lines of a Trader Joe’s shopping bag. Everyone probably knows by now that I am a sucker for clean lines, and that is precisely what I saw in that shopping bag. From there, I cut fabric into the shapes of two separate backpacks – the goal being to understand the volume of the bag and truly become one with it before moving forward with production. My designs are an extension of myself and I only put products out into the market that I truly understand and believe in 100 percent.

Leather is one of the signatures of the D’clic brand and my initial vision for the original backpack was one made entirely of leather. Ultimately though, I made the conscious decision to reign myself in by designing a still high-quality bag made of fabric with leather accents that I could offer at a much more accessible, lower price point.

While fine-tuning the backpack design, I also considered all of the elements that I’ve come to appreciate in a bag, and I made sure to include them. However, I did not simply want to create a bag that had copied elements from different backpacks already on the market. Innovation and originality is a crucial aspect of my design process – I like to call it making my own soup…adding all of the ingredients into one beautiful creation that is totally unique. That is D’clic.

The original backpack has continued to evolve and I am thrilled to unveil the results of that evolution later this season including the all leather version, a more compact version and a weekender. The D’clic family of bags is for anyone that is fashionable and practical, and is not willing to give up functionality for aesthetic. It turns out you can have it all.

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