In previous posts I have talked about making the decision to do something, and then just making it work no matter what. Just like the Nike motto…I don’t question it, I don’t allow fear to dominate, I just do it! Perhaps it is my entrepreneurial spirit, perhaps it is the immigrant experience, or perhaps I was just born this way – whatever it is, I am reminded of this truth about myself over and over again.

As you know, I am preparing a new collection to unveil at the D’clic event on May 6. In preparation for that, I envisioned a batch of new photos to showcase the new collection, and I began planning all of the logistics required for a formal photo-shoot. I am no stranger to these types of preparations, as I have planned and been involved in photo-shoots numerous times over the life of D’clic, as well as during my stint as a young, aspiring model.

For various reasons, the planned photo-shoot for the new collection fell through, and though I was frustrated at the time, this turned out to be the best thing that could have happened – un mal pour un bien. I immediately began to design a plan to achieve the result I needed, and decided to take matters into my own hands and do the photo-shoot myself!

Though I have never actually taken professional photos myself, my architecture training prepared me (as it has in many other entrepreneurial tasks) to handle such an undertaking with the knowledge and confidence required. I rented the equipment required and set-up a studio in my garage – a place where I can have the space needed to truly create and keep my vision fresh, but that also allows me the flexibility I need. Nothing is better than being able to walk through the door and be a part of my family on a moment’s notice.

Before I knew it, I had taken 700 photos of the six new products and began the photo editing work. I knew exactly what I wanted the photos to portray, so it was a great feeling to have control over creating that vision and expressing that vision in every image I created. I can’t wait to unveil these photos and share my vision with you, along with the brand new D’clic collection, at the May 6th event at Love + Propaganda in San Francisco. Just do it!

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