Every day I am reminded that each experience I’ve had my entire life was preparing me for where I am now – getting ready to present you with D’clic’s brand new collection next month. I often talk about coming full circle in my life because I am so grateful for all of those experiences, and the opportunity to truly live as an authentic artist, running a business that is an extension of myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being an artist means that you have to put yourself out there again and again without censoring yourself and without fear of rejection, despite what others may think. Lucky for me, I was born with unwavering self-confidence and a commitment to be myself no matter what. My confidence only increased from there as a young architecture student because from day one of my schooling, I was required to present all of my projects and be prepared to defend every aspect of them.

One of my favorite examples of living my path and being myself no matter what is the story of the little chevalet. As a student, I was living in a small space with my mom and brother and I was focusing a lot on my painting during my free time away from school. Needing some air, space and inspiration from the cosmos, I lugged my chevalet outside to the street to paint. Friends going by were shocked to see me there and they hilariously exclaimed that I was the first black person they ever saw painting like that! This did not embarrass me one bit – if anything, it only made me more confident and proud that yes, here I am, and this is me!

Creating the D’clic brand is much like the little chevalet story. I’ve created pieces of art that I was called upon to design for you, and I’ve put myself out there for you and the world to see.

I’m very excited to put myself out there yet again and present the new collection at the upcoming release party on May 6 at 6:30pm at Love + Propaganda in San Francisco. This is your chance to see the new collection before the general public, pre-order everything you can’t live without, and have a great time. Plus you get to be up close and personal with me, give me feedback about the new designs, and I get to thank you for your support of D’clic. More details to follow in the coming weeks. See you there!