People, community and fostering networks have always been very important to me. Getting to run D’clic gives me the opportunity to collaborate often, and I especially love working with people when we can share value with each other. Before we are anything else, we are human beings on this Earth to support and love one another, and I am committed to this philosophy even in my work.

Planning for NOIR et DENIM on May 6 is no exception and special collaborations are a crucial part of ensuring the event’s and ultimately the new collection’s success. This time around it has been amazing to partner with other creatives I’ve known for a long time that I’m proud to call friends.

Oliamoda and I met many years ago when I was working at a club in San Francisco. I was attracted to her energy immediately and we had a lot in common including our interest in fashion. Since that time, she has developed many successful ventures including a fashion blog and we have stayed in touch and committed to support each other when possible. I’m thrilled that she will be making a guest appearance at NOIR et DENIM where she will be inspiring you to become your own fashion icon through the power of social media with your new D’clic accessories.

We are lucky to have Chateau Musique artists Franky Boissy and Stefanking keeping the event vibe going strong all night long. Both have been friends to me for many years and opened my eyes to a whole world of music genre I’d never known before. They have also been huge supporters of the D’clic brand since the beginning and truly understand what we are about. Both have beautiful artistic minds and we all live for a shared passion to create. We are reuniting for this one special night in the spirit of community, friendship and mutual support.    

Five of my closest friends and biggest D’clic supporters will be greeting you at the event and sharing the new collection with you. These guys have been backing the brand since the beginning and I really trust and appreciate their pure intention of support. As ambassadors of the brand at the event, they will help you get up close and personal with the products and preorder your favorites at special rates.

The development of perfect synergy in other collaborations has also been crucial in executing this event. From the invite design and marketing, to the venue owner, and videographer – the relationships have been fostered with mutual respect, understanding and commitment to follow-through. The combination of people coming together to create something that is bigger together than if they remained separate – that is community to me…that is synergy…that is D’clic.