Now that I'm a parent, I realize that all of our relationships on this Earth, even those with our children, teach us lessons about ourselves. My mom and I have always had a special relationship that has grown deeper and more dynamic with age. Her beautiful example of humanity, work ethic, strength, and living as a citizen of the world has inspired me in all aspects of my life, and I long to learn more and more from her while I still can.

My mom was born with an unwavering spirit and the ability to step in, take charge and solve problems. This ability combined with the toughness she gained from overcoming challenging experiences made her a powerful woman who inspired respect in everyone she met. Some say balance is the key to life - as a dad, human being, and businessman, I totally agree. I'm grateful that my mom has been the perfect example of balancing love and toughness. She taught us that being strong and capable does not mean you have to show-off or have a big ego. Power comes from being low-key, living your truth, and working hard. I let my life be an example that speaks for itself, and in that, comes a genuine strength and respect for all things.

Despite being one of many kids in the house, my relationship with my mom has always been unique. We certainly had a more loving closeness that comes from me being the baby of the family, but even beyond that is the special way our spirits intertwine with one another. I desire to truly know my mom at her inner core where her deep truths live, because with that comes truly knowing myself. Beyond the playful banter we have together, is the opportunity for me to peel back the layers by asking lots of questions to truly understand her. That is my mission (whether she likes it or not!).

I was lucky to be given a mother who supported my creativity and artistic desires since day one. Someone who longs to see what I've created – something that she can be proud of, and can say to the world, “my son did that.” Well mom, I'm working on it!