I've been influenced by hip hop for as long as I can remember. Early on, I was so impressed with artists like Run DMC and NWA because they were themselves, telling a story that needed to be told. It's like they were truth-seekers, putting themselves out there for their art, their neighborhoods, and for society as a whole.

As a hip hop lover, it is sometimes hard to watch the industry unfold today. The truth that I was so inspired with back in the day has made way for new artists who lack consistency, and seem to operate with little consciousness. It's as if they are faking a lifestyle that only relates to money and sex, rather than telling a story - the truth that needs to be heard.

I long to be moved again by artists telling a story that needs to be told - teaching those that need to be taught about real life. In the end, it comes down to whether you are going to choose to stay real, or to become a sell-out. And that is a lesson that transcends all industries and areas of life. As for me, there is really only one choice, and that is to be me, no matter the cost.