If you've read my blog, you already know that I am huge proponent of collaboration, and I love to collaborate with people whenever I can. I met Mady Dosso - Monsieur Dy - a few years ago when he happened to be in SF. I could tell he was already looking to improve and perfect his craft, which I can always appreciate. He also happened to be French, and he reminded me of myself in some ways - not willing to stop at anything on the way to achieving his dreams. 

I was really excited to collaborate with him on this D'clic video. My vision for the video was an expression of searching for your way, the constant movement that comes from that, and realizing that it is okay to change directions on your journey. That has been my experience in life and creating D'clic and I don't expect it to change. 

Hope you love the latest D'clic video produced by Monsieur Dy - the result of fusing our two brains and artistic expression into one final product. Your purpose is to find your purpose no matter how many times you have to change directions.