There is just something about the SoCal man's style - the constant sunny weather and laid back attitude must have an impact on the way we dress down here. I’ve never been one to follow trends…color, material, certain types of clothes...I wear what I like and what I want, even if it is old news. I call that  “rocking your own swag." But even I find myself dressing this way down here.

Wearing little white sneakers with skinny jeans or pants, showing up your ankles or little booties with an extra length cotton T-shirt - this is so SoCal! The swag makes you look relaxed and in control. I love the contrast between the tight pants and the loose t-shirt to really master the whole look. A little watch and a skinny bracelet gives the outfit a certain updated freshness and don't forget to add that hat or cap or not. Then you are good to go.

...lets roll down to SoCal!