Sometimes it takes being far away from something to realize what you have. As a child, it was obvious that I was the youngest of many siblings, but what wasn't as obvious until I grew up and moved away, was how much my life has been influenced by each of them. Looking at my life now, I realize how important it was that I was essentially set up by having each of them to mentor me, protect me, and give me the best of what each of my siblings has to offer, whether that was intellect, straight-forward attitude, toughness, edginess, artistic sense - the list goes on and on.

My life is here, and it is here that I have an opportunity to create the kind of life I want. It is only because I am here, on my own, that I am able to be independent and a leader. Despite my contentedness, of course I miss my family, and that will never go away no matter what I achieve.